Afro Moon Dog (AMD) has taken the crypto world by storm since launching just a few short weeks ago and is drawing interest from a variety of investors in the crypto space.

The newly project aims to save the lives of cute dogs that are suffering on the streets, abused or neglected. In partnership with dog charities in North America, a percentage of the tokenized fees are collected and donated to save lovely dogs everywhere.

A dog is killed every 10 minutes in the world and this could simply be avoided if more dogs were rescued and sheltered. Thus, Afro Moon Dog set out on a journey to combine the love of crypto everyone currently shares with a giving partnership to charity.

According to the team of Afro Moon Dog, “We plan to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of this project to save dogs everywhere. Our goal is to create a loyal community of dog lovers everywhere who want to invest in crypto and contribute to a greater good.”

So far the project has amassed over 1,500+ loyal holders who support the crypto coin and their project. Some other fascinating statistics of the project include that the daily trading volume sits around $300,000+ and the total liquidity shown so far on this project has been $500,000+.

At the time of writing, Afro Moon Dog’s crypto token is only available on Uniswap using (WETH) witch is also known as Wrapped Ethereum to purchase.

In addition to a powerful mission and tokenomics, the project has a fun community driven element. Fans of the project are encouraged to share funny photos of their dogs, which has become quite a meme in many circles.

What’s better than adorable dogs with Afros, crypto coins and helping dog shelter charities? For anyone interested further in this revolutionary charity driven cryptocurrency project, please check their links shown below!