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Sotheby’s Holding Meme-Inspired NFT Auction Featuring Beeple

Additionally, Sotheby’s is hosting a New York-based auction the following week called “Natively Digital: Glitch-ism,” featuring "glitch art," which are digital works inspired...

Asset Management Giants Blackstone, Apollo Eyeing SVB Assets: Bloomberg

SVB collapsed last week following a $42 billion bank run after it announced plans to sell $2.24 billion in new shares. Source link

Coinbase Files Amicus Brief in Insider Trading Case: ‘We Need Rulemaking’

“Such behavior is improper for a government agency, and is irreconcilable with due process concerns,” it argued in its brief. “The SEC’s motive,...

How AI Is Changing Artistic Creation and Challenging IP Laws

“These are ethical concerns that, as a society, we're really confronted with for the first time,” said trademark and copyright lawyer Jessica Neer...