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China Cracks Down on Escalating Cyber Crimes

In a bid to combat the increasing number of cybercrimes, China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) has set its sights on criminals utilizing blockchain...

These Two Altcoins Could Be Listed by Coinbase

Coinbase, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, intends to list two additional altcoins. This decision highlights Coinbase’s ongoing effort to broaden its asset portfolio, offering...

What Investors Need to Know About the Impending Supply Shift and Potential Price Impact

At a high level, a Bitcoin halving is when the introduction of new bitcoins into circulation is reduced by half. This happens roughly...

U.S. House Panel Votes to Disapprove of Controversial SEC Custody Guidance

The House Financial Services Committee also seemed inclined to adopt a bill giving the U.S. Secret Service more resources to investigate crypto crimes. Source...