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The Next SHIB or DOGE Are Probably TRUMP Meme Coins, Its Team Believes

Remember, those two dog-themed meme coins have market caps well into the billions, but they started as jokes. As memes. Since then, Shiba...

The Blockchain Industry Must Build for the Real Needs of Real People

Products must be undeniably useful to be adopted by people in these environments. That's why I currently lead the development of the Stellar...

Mt. Gox: What We Still Don’t Know 10 Years After the Collapse

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the collapse of bitcoin exchange MtGox, Mark Hunter, author of “Ultimate Catastrophe: How MtGox Lost Half a...

Heart of Finance, Soul of Society: BAORUI's Grand Blueprint for Green Finance

Recently, the globally renowned cryptocurrency trading platform, BAORUI, once again became the focal point of industry attention. This time, their spotlight was not merely...