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Reshape NFT Value System, Crazy Mars Squirrel is Making Efforts

As the crypto industry fell into a bear market, the NFTs had trade volume contracted sharply, and the marketing buzz shall be no more....

Crypto Observers Believe U.S. Banking Crisis Could Strengthen Crypto Ecosystem in the Long Term

Elsewhere, Jonathan Zeppettini, strategy Lead at Decred, said: "The situation with Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature is a combination of a few...

LinksDAO Inches Closer to Closing Scottish Golf Club Deal

It remains unclear how often the DAO’s members will be able to access the course, and at what cost. The community is still...

EU Parliament Passes Bill Requiring Smart Contracts to Include Kill Switch

“Article 30, as currently drafted, goes a step too far in addressing the issues raised by immutability,” Thibault Schrepel, an associate professor at...