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BNB Chain-Based DEX Level Finance Votes on Transferring $200M to Treasury

“Rewards, incentives, as well as all emissions will be made directly out of the DAO. Proposals and delegations of votes will be live,...

Introducing KingKong DOGE: The Future of Meme Tokens

KingKong DOGE is an innovative community-driven project that is revolutionizing the meme token space. Created by a team of experienced professionals who were frustrated...

Nasdaq Aiming to Debut Crypto Custody Service by Q2 End: Bloomberg

The stock market exchange operator's senior vice president and head of digital assets Ira Auerbach said that the firm is working on getting...

ArtHouse Spirits DAO – A Project Combining Tokenized Rum with Real Benefits

We live in an era of unprecedented technological advancement, with the potential to combine traditional industries with new digital technologies. ArtHouse Spirits DAO is...