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How Advisors Can Prepare for Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade and Potential Price Changes

Others who are looking to trade the price of Ethereum may be encouraged by the Shanghai upgrade, as it will surely increase volatility,...

Ethereum Supply On Exchanges Plunges To New All-Time Lows

Ethereum supply on exchanges has continued to go down recently and has now touched a value of 10.3%, effectively a new all-time low. Just...

EOS Ethereum Virtual Machine Testnet Goes Live Ahead of April Mainnet Deployment

The network is the final testnet before a mainnet deployment in April as part of a broader revival plan for EOS. Source link

Ortho sets new bars with the STARLIGHT phygital fashion initiative

Ortho has unveiled its latest fashion innovation, the STARLIGHT sweater, a limited edition wearable piece that combines fashion and technology through the use of...