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BitKeep 2023 Roadmap Reveals Its Plan to Rebrand as Bitget Wallet and Strengthen Security

Singapore, March 29, 2023 - BitKeep, one of the world's leading non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets, has announced its new 2023 roadmap, following a $30 million...

US Crypto Firms Eye Overseas Move Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

Most stayed put, however. It’s easy to joke about moving to Montreal but harder to actually do it, which is something many crypto...

A Privacy-Protecting U.S. CBDC Could ‘Take Over the World’

“Where I differ with them is the assumption that we in America, the world’s most ingenuitive nation history’s ever known, could not design...

The EU’s Smart Contract ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate Won’t Kill Crypto

In the IT world, administrators commonly use the kill switch mechanism to shut off a device, network or software in the event of...