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U.S. Government Using Crisis to Choke Off Crypto Access to Banks

Last week, Silvergate Bank, a California firm that catered to crypto companies, said it would “voluntarily liquidate” and shut down. Days later, tech...

Bet2Bank Launches new Gaming Experience with Blockchain and Web3 Technologies

Bet2Bank, a blockchain-based project, has launched a unique betting experience that incorporates traditional fixed odds sports bets, a peer-to-peer custom betting dapp, and staking...

Decentralized Borrowing Protocol Liquity’s LQTY Token Soars Amid USDC Chaos

While LUSD is meant to retain its dollar-peg, Liquidity’s secondary token LUSD has seen the upside. LQTY, which has a total supply of...

India and UAE To Collaborate on CBDC Development

India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will collaborate on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) by jointly conducting at least one pilot. Source link...