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ARK Invest Scoops Up Coinbase, Block Shares for Second Straight Day

Cathy Wood's ARK Invest bought $12.6 million of Coinbase (COIN) shares on Friday, the second straight day the fund bought the crypto exchange's...

Planners of Bitcoin Conference in Atlanta Move to Open-Source Their Agenda

The conference has been running since 2018 but topics and speakers for this year's TABConf event will be chosen partly based on proposals...

OKX Says It’s Turning Over $157M in Frozen FTX and Alameda Assets

In the wake of FTX's November 2022 collapse, OKX said in a release it conducted investigations to identify any FTX-related transactions on its...

MoonWin Launches Revolutionary Crypto Gaming Platform Redefining the Industry

MoonWin, a new Web3 gamified platform, is bringing innovation to the online gaming world by providing players with a completely new and exciting gaming...