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Investment DAO Hydra Ventures Raises $10M to Fund Other DAOs

Web3 investors such as 1kx, ConsenSys, Collab+Currency, Wicklow Capital and Seed Club were among firms joining the investment round. Source link

Euroclear May Launch Digital Bond Settlement Platform This Year, Staffer Says

The project doesn't necessarily depend on the changes brought by the European Union’s DLT pilot regime, which is designed to make trading stocks...

Macro Factors Like Interest Rates Are Moving Crypto Markets — CoinDesk

For the past nine months, overall macro conditions have taken a back seat to the idiosyncratic failures (FTX, Terra's LUNA/UST, BlockFi, CoinDesk sister...

EU Lawmakers Vote in Favor of Payment Limits on Anonymous Crypto Wallets

Crypto rules form part of a money-laundering overhaul supported by the European Parliament Committees Source link