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Iota Releases Shimmer Public Test Chain Ahead of Native Ethereum Virtual Machine Launch

Shimmer, an incentivized staging network, started operation in September. It is the first EVM-enabled launch on Iota and is intended to increase the...

Bitcoin Price Drops Below $28K as Options Expire, Traders Borrow WBTC From Aave

The leading cryptocurrency by market value slipped by 1% to $27,546 during European hours having failed to keep gains above $29,000 on Thursday,...

First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Is Ready for a Consolidation Phase

ALSO: Sam Reynolds writes that decentralized derivatives platforms are having a liquidity problem. The shortage may stem from crypto traders current caution, but...

Bitcoin Sinks Below $27K After CFTC Files Suit Against Binance

ETH, the second-largest cryptocurrency, fell below $1,700 before recently rebounding to $1,703, still off 3.6% from Sunday, same time. BNB, the native token...