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The Next SHIB or DOGE Are Probably TRUMP Meme Coins, Its Team Believes

Remember, those two dog-themed meme coins have market caps well into the billions, but they started as jokes. As memes. Since then, Shiba...

Bitcoin Miners Continue to Sell BTC Ahead of Halving, Blockchain Data Show

Currently, the miners receive 6.25 BTC per block. The halving, a quadrennial event due in April, will reduce that figure to 3.125 BTC,...

The Dencun Upgrade Marks the Dawn of ‘The Surge’ Era”

As we look ahead, in addition to ether, other high beta names in Layer 2 are also poised to benefit from the Dencun...

Finance Protocol Usual Introduces Stablecoin Backed by Real-World Assets

"Existing stablecoin models lack transparency and equitable value distribution, privatizing their gains and socializing their losses, and going against the ethos that web3...