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Salesforce Taps Into NFTs Through Suite of New Web3 Products

In addition, Salesforce Web3 is rolling out Web3 Connect, an API integration that provides insight into the customer experience across Web2 and Web3...

Bitcoin Isn’t Trading as a Currency but as a Speculative Asset: Morgan Stanley

The cryptocurrency isn’t isolated from the traditional banking system, and its price is supported by U.S. dollar liquidity, the report said. Source link

Project Lambo Announces New Trailer Release of Video Games through AI Technology

Project Lambo, is pleased to announce the release of its new trailer. The project is an innovative video game that proposes a new era...

U.S. Fed’s Supervision Chief Investigating What Happened With Silicon Valley Bank

Barr, a former Treasury Department official who briefly became an adviser for Ripple before returning to a government role in the Biden administration,...