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DeFi-Focused Asset Manager MEV Capital Offers Uniswap Hedging Strategy

At maturity, the options contract is settled over-the-counter with either MEV Capital covering the balance if the liquidity providers' (LP) position has increased...

Art Trading Platform LiveArt Announces NFT Membership Card Linked to Exclusive Drops

The LiveArt X Card integrates Web3 into the art-collecting experience, providing holders with access to its digital art market, free airdrops, exclusive access...

Shiba Inu Token Falls 10% Amid Shibarium Code Drama

Discord user “Justinlime,” another network validator chimed in: “Even if some of the code was used in the beta does not mean all...

Ethereum Price Plummets As Whale Transfers $33 Million ETH To Binance

Ethereum price’s meteoric rise was abruptly interrupted Saturday as a sizable amount of the digital asset was transferred to Binance exchange.  The transfer, which...