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Binance Case Is Clear Evasion of Law, Says CFTC Chair Behnam

Court documents filed on Monday contained internal chats from Binance, including one from Samuel Lim, the exchange’s chief compliance officer through January 2022....

Algorand Aims to Help Developers Transition to Web3 With AlgoKit

"It brings some of the most desirable Web2 UX features into the Algorand ecosystem, making it extremely easy to onboard and start...

Bitcoin Miner Stronghold Raises Year-End Hashrate Guidance to 4 EH/s

Fourth-quarter revenue of $23.4 million was driven mainly by selling energy to the power grid rather than crypto mining. Source link

Consider DLT Use When Judging Money Laundering Risks, EBA Advises Supervisors

Draft guidance from the EU banking watchdog picks out crypto technology for scrutiny and proposes vetting procedures for senior staff. Source link