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Litecoin Dubbed A Commodity By CFTC Could Reignite Digital Silver Narrative

Litecoin was deemed a commodity today in a CFTC lawsuit filing against Binance. With the altcoin now potentially safe from further scrutiny from the...

Arbitrum Tokens Rack Up $2B in Trading Volume, Analysts Point to Growth Ahead

“We’re seeing a feverish trading environment for ARB tokens as the airdrop just launched. Airdrops logically garner a lot of retail attention, but...

3 Strategies Crypto Firms Can Use to Land a New Banking Partner

After the recent collapse of three crypto-friendly banks, many firms are left hunting for new banking partnerships. Brett Philbin, Rachel Millard and Rosie...

British Virgin Islands Court Orders 3AC Founders to Attend Examination on Dec. 19

The 3AC founders will be found in contempt of court if they fail to reply to the order. Source link