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Tornado Cash Reportedly Suffers Backend Exploit, User Deposits at Risk

User deposits on decentralized privacy protocol Tornado Cash are reportedly at risk following the insertion of malicious code in the protocol's back end,...

Revolutionizing Finance: Sybbex Leads Fintech Innovation from Ireland

Sybbex, emerging from Ireland’s renowned tech-savvy environment, announces a global innovation in the fintech sector. This strategic launch aims to transform global financial markets...

2 New Altcoins Listed By the Korea’s Largest Crypto Exchange

Upbit, the titan of South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchange market, has once again made headlines. This time, it is for listing two notable altcoins,...

Wall Street Journal Accused of Defamation Over 2023 Tether-Bitfinex Article

When published, the story included several paragraphs on Harborne and AML. On Feb. 21, 2024, a week before the lawsuit was filed, an...