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NFT Collection Y00ts Makes Anticipated Move From Solana to Polygon

The popular project, which launched in September 2022, is using a cross-chain bridge to bring its 15,000-edition generative art collection to Polygon. Source link...

FTX’s $45M Sequoia Sale Cleared, as Embed Divestment Delayed

A Delaware bankruptcy judge approved the sale of the bankrupt company’s assets to Abu Dhabi’s investment arm. Source link

Analyst Breaks Down Impact Of MicroStrategy Buys On Bitcoin

A research firm has broken down how the Bitcoin price has reacted to purchases Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy has made over the years. MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin...

GroveToken – Planting the Seeds of a Greener Crypto Economy

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and many countries are adapting to these challenges. Several ways exist to...