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Tether, Circle Diverge on How to Tackle Global Patchwork of Stablecoin Rules

The two largest digital dollar providers have chosen different paths in dealing with a perceived lack of global clarity on stablecoin rules: Circle...

Building Botanix, a Bitcoin Layer 2 That Brings the EVM to Bitcoin

That is a very good question. I was actually a proof-of-work maximalist before designing the spiderchain, but I realized that a proof-of-work on...

Binance.US Taps Former New York Fed Compliance Chief for Board Role

"It's, of course, true that our our trading volumes took a significant hit following the SEC's case and in our transition to a...

Goldman Sachs Warns Against Extrapolating Previous Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Cycles for Bullish Price Predictions

More importantly, the macroeconomic environment on those occasions differed from today's high inflation, high-interest rate climate. Back then, M2 money supply of major...