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World’s 1st Trillionaire Appeared in the Metaverse!

With a quantum leap from Wall Street to HBS City in the MASFi Financial Metaverse, Aaron Tsai, King of Shell became World’s first Trillionaire,...

The Short-Sightedness of Run-Amok Regulators

Ric Edelman, founder of the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals, talks about a key reason why crypto’s future looks bleaker: an apparent...

Unstoppable Domains Launches AI-Generated Avatars

Lisa DeLuca, senior director of engineering at Unstoppable, told CoinDesk that bringing AI innovation to Unstoppable will help users further tap into their...

Staking Protocol EigenLayer Raises $50M Amid Crypto Winter

“One of the central bottlenecks to innovation in today’s crypto ecosystem is the requirement for projects to bootstrap trust, or cryptoeconomic security,” said...