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Microstrategy Repays Silvergate Loan As It Expands Bitcoin Holdings

Amid the recent crypto market recovery, MicroStrategy, a business intelligence software company known in the crypto community for its accumulation of Bitcoin (BTC),...

A Privacy-Protecting U.S. CBDC Could ‘Take Over the World’

“Where I differ with them is the assumption that we in America, the world’s most ingenuitive nation history’s ever known, could not design...

Crypto Casino Rollbit's Token Drops 20% Amid Licensing Concerns

Rollbit says Curaçao authorities are currently engaged in an annual license review, which is why its logo is removed from the site. Source link...

Crypto Philanthropy Booms, Outperforms Digital Assets Market — CoinDesk

Last year, more nonprofits joined The Giving Block, the crypto philanthropy platform I co-founded with Alex Wilson in 2018, than ever before. More,...