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Vulcan Blockchain's Auto-Staking Looks to Solve SEC Issues

Vulcan blockchain has recently announced that it is in the final stages of Alpha Testnet and preparation for the launch of its innovative auto-rebasing...

Bitcoin Options Market Still Afraid of USDC Volatility

Bybit and Deribit calculate the payoff or profit/loss from the options trade, referencing the dollar value of the underlying asset (BTC). However, at...

Plagiarism, Fork, or Simple Mistake? Shiba Inu Community Debates the Origin Story of Shibarium

“At the end of the day, Shibaroum is likely still far off, Open Source code is being used (which is okay - other...

Investors Flock to Tokenized Diamond as Crypto Banking Crisis Props Hard Assets

“Our investors, who very often have gold in their portfolios, sees diamond as something that is uncorrelated to other assets,” providing them an...