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R33LZ Launches Innovative Social App to Benefit Creators and Viewers

Social media is a game-changer and so is the crypto industry. There is no denying that both these sectors hold unparalleled strength to revolutionize...

Ethereum Deflation Hits Record High Six Months After Merge, What This Means For ETH

Regardless of Ethereum’s odd price action over the past few days, the second-largest crypto by market cap has been breaking records behind the...

Crypto Custody Firm Copper Shelves Enterprise Business: Source

Copper's enterprise division was focused on securing digital asset custody and infrastructure solutions for banks and funds. There will be some job losses...

DYdX Passes Vote to Reduce Trading Rewards by 45%, Sending Token Up 29.89%

DYDX token, the native token of the decentralized exchange of the same name, has surged by 26.88% on Monday after a governance vote...