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The Dencun Upgrade Marks the Dawn of ‘The Surge’ Era”

As we look ahead, in addition to ether, other high beta names in Layer 2 are also poised to benefit from the Dencun...

Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Promises to Return $1.1B to Earn Customers in NYDFS Settlement

"In addition to Gemini's failures related to Earn, the Department's investigation revealed that Gemini engaged in unsafe and unsound practices that ultimately threatened...

Crypto Traders Hedge BTC Rally After 40% Rise in 4 Weeks, Options Data Show

While the consensus is that that event, coupled with the strong inflows into the U.S.-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs), implies a supply-demand imbalance and...

SEC Overstepped Bounds in Kraken Lawsuit, State AGs Charge

State law enforcement officials from Montana, Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Texas filed a joint amicus brief – or friend...