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Crypto Twitter Thinks the Fed’s $297B Balance Sheet Expansion Is ‘QE’, But It’s Not

"QE is increasing the balance sheet for monetary purposes. This is about financial stability, and all expansion of the balance sheet is not...

Signature Bank Shutdown Caused by ‘Crisis of Confidence’ in Leadership, NYDFS Says

"The decisions made over the weekend were not crypto related," the spokesperson said. "Signature was a traditional commercial bank with a wide range...

EU Parliament’s Smart Contract Plans Limit Standard-Setting Promise, EU Commissioner Says

“We need to harmonize basic requirements for these smart contracts” to ensure interoperability, legal certainty and large scale deployment, said Breton, the commission’s...

Stablz Launches Cannavest pools, with 30% APR on USDT deposits!

 Stablz, a cutting-edge yield capturing protocol, has announced the launch of its new Cannavest pools, offering an enticing 30% APR on USDT deposits. Stablz...