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MASFi Financial Blockchain Begins US$50 million Private Sale of MASX Gas Token

MASFi is designed for Web3. HBS is the first application built on MASFi, which has successfully operated since December 2021. HBS demonstrated the technological...

EU Parliament Passes Bill Requiring Smart Contracts to Include Kill Switch

“Article 30, as currently drafted, goes a step too far in addressing the issues raised by immutability,” Thibault Schrepel, an associate professor at...

MEV Rewards on Ethereum Reach All-Time High During SVB Bank Run and USDC Depeg

Toni Wahrstätter, an Ethereum researcher who created a Flashbots MEV-monitoring dashboard, told CoinDesk, “In times of extremely high MEV, it's good to know...

Starknet DAO Heads Toward First Governance Vote

The independent, nonprofit Starknet Foundation will delegate 33% of its overall voting power in the first vote to the first-phase Builders Council (getting...