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Open Zeppelin Reveals Top 10 Blockchain Hacking Techniques in 2022

The first and second place bugs involved layer 2 scaling solution Optimism and vanity address generator Profanity. Source link

Is Bitcoin Following An Explosive 1970s Gold Fractal?

Bitcoin price could potentially be following a fractal from gold during the 1970s – the last time inflation in the United States got...

Netherlands Will Take Tough Line Enforcing MiCA, Dutch Regulator Says

Laura van Geest said she won’t undercut new EU crypto laws even if that drives business from the country. Source link

Bet2Bank Launches new Gaming Experience with Blockchain and Web3 Technologies

Bet2Bank, a blockchain-based project, has launched a unique betting experience that incorporates traditional fixed odds sports bets, a peer-to-peer custom betting dapp, and staking...