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Buy Bitcoin Miners Ahead of the Halving, Bernstein Says

“However, in the current 2024 cycle, the exchange-traded fund (ETF) approvals in January led to a strong price appreciation pre-halving,” the authors wrote,...

Alpen Labs Looks to Scale Bitcoin With Zero-Knowledge Proofs Using $10.6M Funding

Zero-knowledge technology allows for data to be transferred securely and quickly between parties and is used to scale blockchains through rollups. Rollups are...

Coinbase (COIN) Seeks to Take Core Question in U.S. SEC Case to Higher Court

Investment contracts are securities regulated by the SEC, so if a crypto transaction qualifies, it belongs in the agency's jurisdiction and should be...

OKX ‘OG’ Execs Tim Byun and Wei Lan Leave Crypto Exchange

Long-term senior OKX executives Tim Byun, who was in charge of global government relations at the world's second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, and Head of...