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Ethereum Network DRPC Aims to Quell Centralization Risks Ahead of Shanghai Upgrade

“Decentralized RPC services form the bedrock for a trustless, secure, and scalable network. The launch of DRPC will enable end-to-end decentralization for Ethereum,”...

Do Kwon Now Faces Criminal Fraud Charges

Federal prosecutors charged Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon with fraud after he was arrested in Montenegro. Source link

Bank Consolidation Threatens Freedom, Makes Case for Bitcoin

The core issue is not that people’s deposits are at risk from there being too little federal insurance or bailout money to go...

Shibarium Launches Perpetual Exchange, SERP, to Empower Decentralized Trading and Investment

Shibarium, the emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has announced the launch of its biggest perpetual decentralized exchange (DEX), SERP. This new protocol is set...