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Crypto Winter Ends Era of Bitcoin Mining ‘Hodlers’

The liquidation of bitcoin holdings was particularly strong in June 2022, when miners sold 14,200 bitcoins, according to Zhao’s analysis. Roughly half of...

Sonet Integrates on TON Blockchain “The Open Network” to Enhance its Social Middleware on...

Sonet is pleased to announce its integration on the TON blockchain, “The Open Network”, to enhance its social middleware on Telegram and provide a...

Crypto Speculators Betting on ‘No Airdrop’ for Arbitrum Lose 95% of Capital

Users of Arbitrum, which has seen immense growth in the past few months, were long since expecting the network to issue its native...

Open Zeppelin Reveals Top 10 Blockchain Hacking Techniques in 2022

The first and second place bugs involved layer 2 scaling solution Optimism and vanity address generator Profanity. Source link