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Cardano Users Can Soon Access Ethereum dApps Directly From ADA Wallets

The move will be enabled after an upcoming feature on Milkomeda, an Ethereum Virtual Machine network, goes live. Source link

TON Diamonds to Showcase Cutting-Edge NFT Artworks at New York Exhibition

TON Diamonds, a pioneering force in the world of blockchain-based art, has partnered with four visionary digital artists to showcase their latest masterpieces as...

Bitcoin Price Drops Below $28K as Options Expire, Traders Borrow WBTC From Aave

The leading cryptocurrency by market value slipped by 1% to $27,546 during European hours having failed to keep gains above $29,000 on Thursday,...

Bitcoin & The History of Bank Runs

Bitcoin has recently been rising in the midst of widespread banking sector issues, prompted by Silicon Valley Bank. But bank runs have been a...