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Asset Management Giants Blackstone, Apollo Eyeing SVB Assets: Bloomberg

SVB collapsed last week following a $42 billion bank run after it announced plans to sell $2.24 billion in new shares. Source link

DexPool.io Hits $300 Million Liquidity Provision Milestone and Launches a New Promo

DexPool.io, an autonomous cross-chain liquidity protocol, has recently achieved a major milestone. The project has managed to provide more than 300 million in liquidity...

EU Parliament Passes Bill Requiring Smart Contracts to Include Kill Switch

“Article 30, as currently drafted, goes a step too far in addressing the issues raised by immutability,” Thibault Schrepel, an associate professor at...

AI and Crypto Are Combining to Create Web3's 'Multiplayer Era'

Creating with code has never been easier. Web3 tooling shows us how it can be equitable. Source link