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NEAR Co-Founder Illia Polosukhin’s Journey to Blockchain Success

But maybe this is just table stakes. Polosukhin has far bigger plans. “We want to hit one billion users,” says Polosukhin, who opens...

Crypto’s Unfulfilled Dreams Get a Tailwind From U.S. Crackdown on Binance, Coinbase

“If we learned anything from 2022, particularly with FTX, it’s the fact that custodial relationships, especially in the face of lack of regulation,...

Keep Goerli Ether Alive as Ethereum Canary Network, DAO Argues

Much of the testing of Ethereum’s major upgrades, such as the Merge, have been conducted on Goerli. Source link

Crypto Long & Short: Bitcoin’s Hedge Potential

To state the obvious, 2022 was a challenging year for cryptocurrencies. However, in 2023 major structural benefits – such as traditional finance (TradFi)...