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First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Hovers Around $28,000

ALSO: A crypto investor, entrepreneur and market observer suggests that TradFi may be approaching a tipping point that benefits bitcoin, among other digital...

Tron Founder Justin Sun Reportedly Lost His Diplomatic Status

Since his appointment, Sun has touted his credentials, styling himself "His Excellency" in interviews and on his social-media accounts. Sun tweeted from his...

MOSDEX Offers Investors Alternative From Banking Turmoil with Innovative Staking Platform

As fractional reserve banking systems continue to experience pressure in a rising rate environment, crypto assets like Bitcoin have experienced inflows as investors look...

Blockchain-Ads Receives $50K Grant from Partisia Blockchain to Grow their Privacy-Preserving Advertising Solution

Blockchain-Ads, , a pioneering advertising & data solution in the web3 space, has announced that it has been awarded a $50,000 grant from Partisia Blockchain....