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PHILosoRaptor Announces the Arrival of PHIL the New Meme Token on Solana

The PHILosoRaptor team is proud to announce the arrival of PHIL the New Meme Token on Solana. The launch has gathered widespread attention among...

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Drops to $70K, Toncoin (TON) Rallies

As ether (ETH) prices rallied and bitcoin (BTC) fell during the early hours of the East Asia trading day, Toncoin (TON) outperformed the...

ScottMiner launches free cloud mining services and affiliate programs to earn Digital Asset.

With the increasing recognition of Digital Assets by the market, more and more users are flocking to this sector. Seizing the opportunity, Scott Miner has launched cloud Digital Asset mining...

BTC Halving: Sell-The-News or Buy-The-Alt-Rotation

Contrasting Bitcoin derivatives with Ethereum’s tells us a story around the potential opportunity for a post-halving rotation. Source link