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UK Crypto Promotions Laws Hoped to be in Place by Late 2023

The legislation also includes a limited time exemption for crypto companies that will allow those that are registered with the FCA the opportunity...

3 Strategies Crypto Firms Can Use to Land a New Banking Partner

After the recent collapse of three crypto-friendly banks, many firms are left hunting for new banking partnerships. Brett Philbin, Rachel Millard and Rosie...

U.S. Futures Watchdog Issues Compliance Rule for Crypto Activities Among Members

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission oversees the NFA and the wider industry, though questions remain about the extent of its authority over digital...

Staking Protocol EigenLayer Raises $50M Amid Crypto Winter

“One of the central bottlenecks to innovation in today’s crypto ecosystem is the requirement for projects to bootstrap trust, or cryptoeconomic security,” said...