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It’s a Small (Virtual) World After All

Disney reportedly lays off its metaverse team, and the U.K. Treasury cancels its NFT plans, but on the bright side, NFTs for tickets...

Euroclear May Launch Digital Bond Settlement Platform This Year, Staffer Says

The project doesn't necessarily depend on the changes brought by the European Union’s DLT pilot regime, which is designed to make trading stocks...

Bitcoin Price Reclaims $28,000 As Core PCE Comes Cooler Than Expected

Today, March 31, is of utmost importance for the Bitcoin price for three reasons: the quarterly settlement day for Bitcoin options, the release...

Algorand Aims to Help Developers Transition to Web3 With AlgoKit

"It brings some of the most desirable Web2 UX features into the Algorand ecosystem, making it extremely easy to onboard and start...