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Stacks Creator Ali Calls Bitcoin ‘Apex Predator’ as Development Flourishes on OG Blockchain

Same with NFTs when I look at it. Yes, there are many other factors, but just the fact that with Ordinals, the image...

Bitcoin (BTC) Could Slide to $42K After Halving Hype Subsides, JPMorgan Says

The central point of the bank’s estimated production cost range is currently around $26,500, which would mechanically double to $53,000 post-halving. The bitcoin...

What Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Canada Say About the U.S.

Canadian investors have adopted ETFs as a financial vehicle that is safe and delivers the returns of digital assets, despite their well-publicized volatility....

Announcement: Baby Bonk Redefines Crypto Gaming with Bonk Royale Integration

Step into the realm of Baby Bonk, a token poised to revolutionize the crypto gaming landscape. Originating from the vibrant Memecoin culture, Baby Bonk...