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Open Zeppelin Reveals Top 10 Blockchain Hacking Techniques in 2022

The first and second place bugs involved layer 2 scaling solution Optimism and vanity address generator Profanity. Source link

Bitcoin Ordinals Custody Solutions Would Be Better if They Embraced Bitcoiner Values

As is the case with NFT users from other chains, the average Bitcoin Ordinals collector to trade off security for convenience, and thus...

Evaluating Bitcoin as a Store of Value

It’s a common question: Is bitcoin (BTC) a store of value? While proponents say, “Yes” without hesitation, skeptics note its historically large drawdowns....

Bitcoin BTC Price Spike to $24.5K Stemmed From Regulators’ Bank Interventions, Binance Stablecoin Conversion,...

“The loss of Silvergate, SVB and Signature is devastating for US-based crypto companies,” Frank wrote. “That said, the crypto market has at least...