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How Talent Agency WME Is Expanding Into Crypto

Chris Jacquemin, a speaker at CoinDesk's Consensus conference, on Hollywood's embrace of Web3. Source link

Arbitrum ARB IOU Token Trades Around $10

With Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 network Arbitrum set to airdrop its tokens to users next week, community expectations have risen, pushing an IOU version...

Crypto Isn’t the Reason Why Signature Bank Was Closed

Nonetheless, the timing by regulators is significant, Vullo said. By quickly dealing with SVB and Signature, bank regulators were able to “send a...

Vitalik Buterin-Named Wallet Sent 500 Ether to Mint RAI, Buy USDC Amid Depegging

USDC depegged over the weekend to 89 cents, and a Buterin-labeled wallet may have bought the dip. Source link