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Aave Community Voting to Deploy Its V3 on Ethereum

If the proposal passes, the latest iteration of the Aave protocol will come to the Ethereum blockchain, Aave’s first and largest market. Source link...

Genesis Seeks $20.9M From ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Over Crypto Options Trades That Weren’t Settled

The court action seeks damages from the Bitcoin Cash backer Roger Ver related to the alleged failure to settle cryptocurrency options transactions that...

How They Do It in 37 Nations

“They’re experimenting, and they’re trying new things,” says Michael Piwowar, referring to Dubai’s launch of VARA, the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority. “They want...

‘We Haven’t Seen Anything Yet’: Introducing CoinDesk’s ‘Policy Week’

On one side: Democrats (some, not all) say SBF’s misdeeds are a function of crypto, highlighting its supposed laxness and irresponsibility. How else...