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ICO-Era Ethereum Whale Awakens After 3 Years, Transfers ETH To Kraken

A dormant Ethereum (ETH) wallet containing thousands of coins collected during the network’s token generation event is awake after nearly three years. According...

Extinction Looms? Over 75% Of Crypto-Based Games Are Dying, Study Shows

Over the past few months, there has been a noticeable downturn in crypto-based games in the GameFi market category, which combines game theory...

GlobaleCrypto Invites You to a Thanksgiving Carnival of Digital Currency Deals

London, United Kingdom - As the Thanksgiving season approaches, GlobaleCrypto, a leader in the cryptocurrency and cloud mining industry, is set to mark this festive...

Exploring $BLC: The Revolutionary Token Powering the Sastanaqqam Ecosystem

What is BLC and what does it solve?The $BLC token, as described in the introduction to the Sastanaqqam ecosystem, serves as a native utility...