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‘What Goes on Inside That Brain’ of Jesse Pollak’s?

"No Finer Place" is a 3D collaged motion work. The story takes us from Jesse's desk through his monitor, mind, and coding which...

Bit.Store Launches a Convenient Physical Crypto Card for Everyday Use

Bit.Store is excited to introduce a Physical Crypto Card, expanding our digital payment solutions. This innovative card merges the ease of traditional card payments...

Lazarus Group Stolen $3B in Cryptocurrency Likely to Fund North Korean Projects

Lazarus Group's specialty is fund theft. In 2016, they hacked the Bangladesh Central Bank, stealing $81 million. In 2018, they hacked the Japanese...

Analysts Shift to Altcoins as Bitcoin Hits 19-Month High

Bitcoin is dominating crypto markets at the moment, surging to its highest price for 19 months at $41,700. However, altcoins have been slow...