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Crypto Long & Short: Finding Alpha in AI-Related Crypto

Glenn Williams Jr. explains how his process of researching small and microcap oil and gas companies compares to that of digital assets and...

The Iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club to be Released as a Bitcoin NFT collection

Over the past couple of weeks the original BAYC monkeys have marked themselves as the second most popular selling NFT collection worth $1.3M. The...

NounsDAO Approves Proposal for Feature-Length NFT Movie

The budget for the first installment has been set at $125,000. According to the proposal, the pilot will be revealed in 90 days,...

Google Searches for Arbitrum Soar Amid Airdrop Announcement

Arbitrum follows in the footsteps of Optimism, a rival layer 2 scaling solution that issued an airdrop last April. The market capitalization of...