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Sending DraftKings Millions to Run Failed Validator

By this point, DraftKings was rolling in MATIC rewards. In eight months, the validator's token stake had grown 120% to 5,578,691 MATIC ($6.3...

Caroline Ellison Buried Sam Bankman-Fried

Her co-CEO, the better risk manager, she said, had checked out mentally, long before he officially left in August 2021. His name was...

Osmosis & Umee Announce Landmark Merger, Paving the Way for a DeFi Powerhouse

The Umee UX Chain, the largest lending protocol in Cosmos, just announced a merger with the Osmosis chain, the largest Decentralised Exchange in Cosmos, toward building...

Pudgy Penguins CEO Luca Netz Led Company to Success, While the NFT Market Crashed

Toys being linked to a digital experience may not be a novel concept (see Webkinz from the 2010s). But Pudgy Toys gives owners...