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What Hindenburg Research’s Takedown of Block Says About Money and Crime

The Hindenburg allegations drive home the deep conflict of interest inherent to this dynamic. Whether or not it was a conscious, deliberate strategy...

Newly Formed ZeroSync Association Brings Zero-Knowledge Proofs to Bitcoin

Linus was living in Santa Teresa, a remote beach town on Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula that has one ATM machine with a 10pm...

Coinbase Aims to Stay in Canada, While Binance Looks Poised to Exit Amid Regulatory...

The moves come as the country tightens rules for cryptocurrency exchanges. Source link

Macro Factors Like Interest Rates Are Moving Crypto Markets — CoinDesk

For the past nine months, overall macro conditions have taken a back seat to the idiosyncratic failures (FTX, Terra's LUNA/UST, BlockFi, CoinDesk sister...