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Let’s Stop Regulating Crypto Exchanges Like Western Union

The unfortunate failure of one of these money transmitters, West Realm Shires Services Inc., may be the final straw for this rickety arrangement....

Web3 DAO Game7 Unveils $100M Grant Program

The Game7 DAO’s treasury includes $500 million committed by high-profile decentralized autonomous organization BitDAO and blockchain game platform Forte. The grants will be...

Lawyers Detail the ‘Abrupt and Difficult’ Collapse of FTX in First Bankruptcy Hearing

“You have witnessed probably one of the most abrupt and difficult collapses in the history of corporate America,” an attorney for FTX said...

Bankman-Fried Apologizes to FTX Employees, Details Amount of Leverage in Internal Letter

Former FTX CEO Bankman-Fried did not address concerns about customer funds being misappropriated or other recent revelations about the company. Source link