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Privacy Isn’t Just an Edge Case for Crypto

Anyway, it wasn’t actually the KYC thing that got me all riled up, and in hindsight I wish I’d not used the example...

Bitcoin Hashrate Declines As Mining Difficulty Stays At ATH Levels

Data shows the Bitcoin mining hashrate has been on a decline recently as the difficulty is currently at all-time high levels. Bitcoin Mining Hashrate...

Jump Crypto, Aptos Labs Commit to Binance-Led $1B Recovery Fund

Several prominent crypto companies including Aptos Labs and Jump Crypto will contribute $50 million to the planned $1 billion Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI). Source...

Anxious Ethereum Stakers Question When They’ll Be Able to Access Funds

Ethereum developers say they are committed to making withdrawals a priority for Shanghai. “There’s always discussions about timelines and moving things around, but...