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XBO.com covers the bases other crypto exchanges didn’t, all assets held 1:1 and always...

XBO.com, the cryptocurrency exchange making the benefits of crypto more accessible to everyone, reassures its users their funds are safe with the exchange, promising...

Central Banks and Bitcoin: Closer Than You Think

I used to think the adoption of bitcoin by central banks for their reserves would happen soon, given the urgent need in some...

Crypto Exchange Binance Delists Serum Trading Pairs Amid FTX Connection

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance delisted three Serum (SRM) trading pairs on Friday as the fallout from FTX's collapse continues. Source link

FTX Contagion Revives Dreaded 2022 Crypto Knell – The ‘Withdrawal Halt’

Technically it means that a crypto exchange or lender has gated customers from being able to get their money or digital tokens back...