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MetaMask Privacy Is Worse Than It Looks

The latest update for ConsenSys’ Infura API tool has caused a big outcry in the Ethereum community. As was announced yesterday, Infura will...

Crypto Exchange Bybit Announces $100M Fund to Support Institutional Clients

Bybit, the 35th largest exchange by trading volume according to CoinMarketCap, joins Binance, the largest, in trying to turn the industry tumult of...

Mango Exploiter’s Funds Get Liquidated After Roiling Aave Using $20M of Borrowed Curve Tokens

The trader, identified on Twitter and tagged by blockchain analysts as Avraham Eisenberg, borrowed 40 million curve (CRV) tokens (worth $20 million at...

Controversial Bitcoin Core 24 Is Live; What You Need to Know

A few days ago, a new version of the most widely used Bitcoin implementation, Bitcoin Core, was released. Version 24.0 includes the configuration...