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AtomBeam Reaches $1 Million Milestone in Record Time

AtomBeam Technologies Inc., the pioneering force behind data compaction solutions, has achieved an impressive milestone by raising $1 million in its ongoing fundraising campaign...

Extinction Looms? Over 75% Of Crypto-Based Games Are Dying, Study Shows

Over the past few months, there has been a noticeable downturn in crypto-based games in the GameFi market category, which combines game theory...

‘Mysterious’ Address That Added 10K Bitcoin Is Just a New BitMEX Wallet

BitMEX was probably conducting an internal transfer because it is migrating most of its bitcoin holdings from the 3BMEX format to addresses with...

Sending DraftKings Millions to Run Failed Validator

By this point, DraftKings was rolling in MATIC rewards. In eight months, the validator's token stake had grown 120% to 5,578,691 MATIC ($6.3...